Beaver Control Program

We have partnered with SARM for the 2019-20 Beaver Control Program.  You must submit a copy of your Trapping Licence to our office.  We will take this to the next Regular Council Meeting for approval.  Once you are approved, the R.M. is offering $30/tail for nuisance beavers trapped within this municipality.  We will provide you with forms to be approved by the landowner before payment is issued.

Dust Control

Dust control services are available for our ratepayers upon your request and at your cost.  The 2019 season has passed, stay posted for updates next spring regarding suppressant & pricing details.


Gravel is available for private lanes / yards to R.M. residents - 4 loads maximum per year, per ratepayer / residence at your cost.  The 2019 season has passed, stay posted for pricing updates next summer.

Lane Maintenance

The municipality will provide lane maintenance to ratepayers when operators have the time to perform this extra duty.  Lane maintenance includes grader and mower work.  The R.M. provides a time credit of 1 hour per ratepayer/residence per year for this work, any work exceeding 1 hour will be charged accordingly.  No custom work shall be provided to anyone who is in tax arrears with this municipality.  R.M. graders are not to perform any custom work on private land other than lanes. If such work is requested by a ratepayer, approval must first be obtained from a Councillor.  Custom work requests are limited to a 2 hour maximum (Councillor approval required for any work exceeding 2 hours.)   

Grader Maintenance:

$ 100.00/hour for ratepayers

$ 200.00/hour for others


$100.00/hour for ratepayers only

(½ hour minimum charge)