Payment of Taxes:

Tax Notices are issued in August each year.  Please keep in mind that we accept payments throughout the current year.  You may make plans for monthly or quarterly payments based on your owing amount from the previous year.  Payments from January to August will reflect on your Tax Notice.  *Your owing amount may vary from year to year depending on land sales, mill rates, etc.*


We accept payment by: cash, cheque, debit or EFT.

Please make cheques payable to R.M. of Moose Mountain No. 63.

EFT payments can be made by:

-Sending an e-transfer to or

-Setting us up as a bill payment through your bank; we will be listed as: Moose Mountain No 63 (RM) Tax #6363. 

  A 4-digit account number will be required, use your customer number as indicated on the top right of your tax notice beside          your name.  Add zeros to the beginning of the number to make 4 digits - ex: 0999.


Discounts are given on the Municipal portion of your taxes. 

If paid by:

September 30th: 5%

October 31st: 4%

November 30th: 2%


A penalty of 0.75% per month will be charged to arrears. 

Penalties will be added as of January 1st following each taxation year.

Please Note:

No custom work shall be provided to anyone who is in tax arrears with the municipality. 

This includes, but is not limited to: lane maintenance, snow removal, dust control & residential gravel.

Mill Rate
Uniform Mill Rate - 5.0
Mill Rate Factors
Agriculture - 1.000   Residential - 0.7000   Commercial/Industrial - 1.500
Minimum & Base Taxes
Base Tax - Commercial Land & Improvements - $550.00
Base Tax - Organized Hamlet of Cannington Lake - $100.00 Land & Improvements
% of Value Chart
Non-arable (Range) Land & Improvements - 45%
Other Agricultural Land & Improvements - 55%
Residential - 80%
Multi-Unit Residential - 80%
Seasonal Residential - 80%
Commercial/Industrial - 100%
Elevators - 100%
Railway Right of Way and Pipeline - 100%
2019 Education Property Tax Mill Rates
Agriculture - 1.43   Residential - 4.12   Commercial/Industrial - 6.27   Resource - 9.68

This R.M. is an A.P.A.S. member which benefits all of our ratepayers!  We mail a new membership card each year with your tax notice but feel free to grab an extra in our office if need be!  Visit their website to see what offers are available.  Most popularly would be a discount on certain Mark's Work Warehouse items and Dodge dealerships.

*Mark's Cards were not issued this year (2020-21) due to COVID-19 - Please use Discount Code: MC2020-14 for all online purchases.*